On Mindfulness and Practicing Music (or anything, really..):

"There is value in what you do. You prove it with every effort you put forth to better yourself. If you’re having a bad day and your brain is spitting out thoughts that bring you down: Pause, thank your brain for working, notice the thoughts without fusing with them, let them float away, practice some more, or not."

What is Satya?

"The chatter of our minds often clouds Satya, but the wisdom of the heart is ever pure and truthful. As we seek to still the mind, we hear the whisper of the soul with increasing clarity. Eventually we enter into full dialog and live from this place of grace. The practice of Satya, or truthfulness, is a pathway to this wisdom of the heart."  

- Bhava Ram -

Thanks to http://www.satyayogaandwellness.com/ for the quote!